The Ultimate Guide to Paint Protection Film for Tesla Models

Owning a Tesla isn’t just about being eco-conscious or showcasing innovation; it’s about embracing an art form on wheels. And like any masterpiece, it needs top-tier care. Paint Protection Film (PPF), known as “clear bra”, has become the go-to solution for countless Tesla enthusiasts. Wondering why? Fasten your seatbelts as we take a deep dive into this world.

Tesla wrapped in paint protection film showcasing PPF benefits and hydrophobic properties

A Brief (But Fascinating) History of Paint Protection Film

Originally, the Paint Protection Film was not cruising around ritzy neighbourhoods in luxury cars. Instead, its humble beginnings trace back to the gritty terrains of the Vietnam War. Developed by the military, its primary role was to shield helicopter blades from debris, ensuring our flying machines stayed airborne and undamaged. From wartime skies to today’s highways, this transparent warrior has transitioned into the automotive industry’s unsung hero, guarding vehicles against impact and environmental nuisances. So, next time you admire your Tesla’s unblemished finish, tip your hat to those choppers of yore!

Why Every Tesla Deserves Top-notch Paint Protection

Tesla’s name alone evokes thoughts of cutting-edge tech and head-turning designs. So, why should these electric beauties be pals with PPF?

Radikal Wraps applying paint protection film on a Tesla, showcasing expertise in PPF maintenance and tailored paint protection

Preserving Your Tesla’s Unique Aesthetic Value

Battling Road Tar and Debris

You’d be astonished at the tales our vehicles could share about the treacherous journeys they’ve braved. We’ve had Teslas roll into our shop looking like they’ve taken on the fiercest of battles – scratches, gashes, and some downright ugly scuffs, especially on the front guards and bumper bar. Now, imagine our relief and the owner’s shock when peeling back the film reveals a pristine paint job untouched by calamity. If PPF could talk, it might just say, “Is that all you’ve got?”

Hydrophobic Superpowers

Let’s talk water – how it doesn’t stick around. Thanks to STEK’s top coat and built-in hydrophobic properties, water doesn’t linger; it beads up and rolls right off. So, the next time you’re caught in a downpour while others dread the after-rain car cleanup, you’ll watch a mesmerizing water bead performance on your Tesla’s hood.

Chemical Warfare on Your Tesla? Not Anymore

Pesky magpies, notorious for dropping their… let’s say “unwanted gifts”, or that seemingly harmless tree you parked under only to discover dripping tree sap? Both can wreak havoc on a car’s clear coat. But PPF’s got your back, or rather, your bonnet. With unparalleled chemical resistance, say goodbye to stubborn water spot oxidation, calcium buildup, and any sap or bird dropping that thinks it can chew through your finish. And remember, our films are so elite they don’t need an extra coating to do their job.

Hydrophobic Superpowers

Let’s talk water – how it doesn’t stick around. Thanks to STEK’s top coat’s built-in hydrophobic properties, water doesn’t linger; it beads up and rolls right off. So, the next time you’re caught in a downpour while others dread the after-rain car cleanup, you’ll watch a mesmerizing water bead performance on your Tesla’s hood. Best part? This slick water-resisting feature is standard in our paint protection film, making it gentle on your wallet and robust against the elements.

Enhancing Resale Value

First impressions count, especially when reselling a vehicle. A Tesla with a pristine exterior showcases careful ownership, often fetching a higher market price. STEK PPF, built with nanotechnology, can also conceal minor paint imperfections. So, even if your car has tiny flaws from the factory or transport, PPF can make them virtually invisible, ensuring your Tesla looks showroom-ready even years after purchase. Discover Why Paint Protection Film is a game-changer for Tesla Owners.

Tesla wrapped in paint protection film

The Comprehensive PPF Application Process for Tesla

It’s not about slapping on a film. It’s an art. Here’s a peek into how the PPF magic unfolds for your Tesla:

Surface Prep

This is where the stage is set. A deep cleanse, iron fall-out decontamination, and a clay bar with a light polish ensure that our Stek Paint Protection Film has a flawless canvas to adhere to. No shortcuts are taken here, not even if your Tesla is brand new.

Precision in Every Cut

No two Teslas are the same. Using advanced software, our Stek Paint Protection Film is tailored to hug the curves and edges of each model like a second skin. And we go an extra step; we test fit every template, every time, to ensure we deliver a perfectly installed protection for your Tesla. There is no need to blame the Plotter for cutting the material incorrectly.

Artistry in Application

Our seasoned installers ensure the film sits perfectly without bubbles or blemishes. Every Tesla gets the seamless finish it deserves due to nifty innovations like adhesive slip, silicone squeegees and electric sprayers.

The Settling Down Phase

Once applied, Paint Protection Film bonds with your Tesla, going through a curing process to promise long-lasting protection. This can take several days, and we closely monitor the progress during the installation at our shop. We cure the film with UV lamps and Digital heat guns to manufacturers’ specifications.

tesla model y paint protection blue

How to Care and Maintain a Tesla with Stek Paint Protection Film

PPF requires just a touch of attention. You can ensure the film remains impeccable with tender loving care, regular washes, and avoiding abrasive tools. Factor in our specialized AfterCare pack tailored for your Tesla; maintenance is no longer a guessing game. With products specifically designed to preserve your Tesla’s sheen and preserve the freshly applied Paint Protection Film, you never have to fret about their composition or effects. Enjoy a hassle-free experience, knowing your vehicle’s beauty and protection are in safe hands. This guide explores and explains the importance of caring for your Paint Protection Film.

The Two-Bucket Method: Cleanliness Made Simple

We’ve advocated for this method so much that it could have its name written on neon lights in our shop! The Two-Bucket Method is the holy grail for cleaning your Tesla, ensuring that your PPF remains in tip-top condition while keeping that Tesla charm alive.


Get two buckets ready. Fill one with water mixed with Our Pearl Shampoo (10ml) and keep the other filled with clean water.

Initial Rinse:

Start by giving your Tesla a thorough rinse, ensuring that you remove dirt and contaminants.

Sectional Wash:

Tackle one section of your car at a time, starting from the top. Use the soapy water with our wash mitt, then rinse it in the clean water bucket before revisiting the soap. This method ensures contaminants don’t scratch your Tesla’s pristine surface.

Final Rinse and Dry:

Once you’ve bathed every inch of your Tesla, give it one more rinse. Then, take our twist-drying towel from our aftercare kit and dry off your car. The swift and efficient process ensures water spots are kept in sight.

Important Reminders

Edge Caution

Be careful around the edges of the film. These areas can be sensitive, so always ensure you’re washing at least 1.5 meters away from the panel to avoid any potential peeling. After all, your Tesla would rather have you play it safe than learn the hard way.

Avoid Pressure and Automated Washes

As tempting as they seem, pressure washing and automated car washes can harshly affect your PPF. A gentle hand wash is all you need to keep your Tesla looking its best. Think of it as giving your Tesla a spa day instead of sending it through the ‘industrial pressure cooker’—trust us, your car will thank you!”

Why Should You Care for Your Tesla’s Paint Protection Film?

Maintaining your Tesla involves a comprehensive approach that extends beyond the immediate surface. While our STEK Paint Protection Film is indeed robust, complete with a five and ten-year warranty, it’s essential to remember that a warranty is not an invitation to neglect. Just as you would care for your Tesla’s original paintwork, your Paint Protection Film requires consistent and thoughtful maintenance.

A warranty serves as a safety net, not an excuse for complacency. Proper care of your Paint Protection Film preserves not only the film but also the aesthetic quality and value of your Tesla. Well-maintained PPF can even extend the longevity of your original paint, providing the best of both worlds—superior protection and pristine appearance.

So, the next time you find yourself with a wash mitt and bucket in hand, remember that you’re not just washing your car but committing to its longevity and beauty. Whether it’s the STEK PPF or the original paint, your Tesla merits nothing less than your meticulous attention. With great luxury comes great responsibility.

Tesla Model Y with STEK Paint Protection Film

Why is Radikal Wraps Your Best Choice for Tesla Paint Protection?

You’ve invested in a Tesla, a car that’s as much a statement as a mode of transportation. Protecting it should be just as thoughtful a decision. Let’s explain why Radikal Wraps is your go-to choice for Paint Protection Film (PPF) that does your Tesla justice.

The Contrast Between Tesla’s Sensitive Paint and Our Paint Protection Film

It is not a secret that Tesla vehicles are known for having thin paint sensitive to treatment. On top of that, Paint Protection Film is not your regular vinyl wrap. It’s 4 to 5 times thicker, making precise application more complex. One wrong move with a blade, and you’re not just cutting the film—you’re scoring the paint underneath. And once that happens, there’s no easy fix.

Why Generic Shops Fall Short

You might think any car wrap place can do the job, but that’s far from the truth. Inexperienced installers often cut the film too close, damaging the paint underneath. They may promise a quick and easy install, but you’re left with visible edge lines, handfuls of air bubbles, or even peeling. And let’s face it, no one wants to drive a Tesla that looks less than perfect.

Experience the Radikal Difference

That’s where Radikal Wraps comes in. We’ve spent years working specifically with Model 3 and Model Y Teslas, understanding their unique characteristics. Instead of generic, pre-cut templates, we go the extra mile to craft our own, ensuring a fit as precise as your Tesla’s engineering. The result is a seamless, edge-to-edge coverage that protects and enhances your car’s natural beauty.

At Radikal Wraps, you’re not just another car on the line. You’re an individual with unique tastes and high standards. And that’s why we offer the best. Our skilled Stek Certified team ensures your Tesla maintains its original charm and shines brighter than ever.

We don’t just install Paint Protection Film, We are obsessed about it and go above and beyond to deliver the BEST IN CLASS for your vehicle’s shine and shield. We are your Studio Crafted Paint Protection Film Specialists in the Gold Coast.

Radikal Wraps installing paint protection film on Tesla vehicle

In Conclusion

Protecting your Tesla with STEK Paint Protection Film is just the beginning. Proper care ensures that your investment remains worthwhile for years to come. And with our two-bucket method, cleaning your Tesla becomes a breeze, proving that luxury and simplicity can go hand in hand. At Radikal Wraps, we’re always here to assist. After all, we believe in the power of protection, and your Tesla deserves nothing but the best!

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