Nanoceramic Coatings vs Dealer Options: Get Real Protection

With the rise of nanoceramic coatings in the market, it’s common for car dealers to offer the service to their customers. But what most people don’t know is that the dealer coatings are often of an inferior grade, made by unknown brands that haven’t been established in the market.

Not only that, but they often don’t offer genuine warranties that can be backed up. In this blog post, we’ll examine why you shouldn’t choose a dealer coating for your vehicle and why our nano ceramic coatings are the better choice.

Finding the balance between quality and cost!

Thinking of getting your vehicle protected with a ceramic coating? When you get charged around $3,000 for a product that nobody knows, hasn’t undergone much R&D, and isn’t applied by a certified and experienced detailer, you might be better off keeping those hard-earned dollars in your pocket.

“The truth is, most dealer ceramic coatings are made with inferior grade materials and are nothing more than a spray product with Teflon in it. Unlike our nanoceramic coatings, these products don’t have the essential SiO2 content and are formulated to hold up for just a few months.”

When customers bring us their vehicles disappointed with the paint condition and chemical damage after a month or two of picking up their new vehicle from the dealer, we can’t help by crying!

But wait, we got charged over $3,000 for it! Surely is good?

Sadly most of the vehicles being coated at the dealers receive a spray-on coating with Teflon; they don’t contain the essential ingredient of SiO2 that makes nanoceramic coatings so effective, and the paint has not received any preparation before applying the coating based on the wrong believe that is a new car and it doesn’t need paint correction.

What is this Sio2, and why is it essential for a high-quality coating?

SiO2, or silicon dioxide, is a naturally occurring mineral found in sand and quartz. It’s a key ingredient in nanoceramic coatings because it provides the coating with its hydrophobic properties and ability to repel water and other contaminants. Sio2 is known for its durability and resistance to chemical and physical damage. When present in high concentrations in ceramic coatings, it provides a protective barrier against UV rays, stains, water and contaminants, keeping the vehicle’s paint in showroom condition.

The presence of Sio2 makes the coating hydrophobic, repelling water and liquids that can cause damage. Additionally, Sio2 creates a strong and long-lasting bond with the surface it is applied to, providing exceptional protection and longevity. By choosing a ceramic coating with a high Sio2 content, you can ensure maximum protection and preservation of your vehicle’s interior.

Our coatings contain over 87% Si & SiO2, providing excellent flexibility and resistance to extremely high temperatures up to 800 degrees.

Real Case

Consider the story of Ashley, who chose a dealer for her nanoceramic coating. Initially, the coating worked as promised, but after 2-3 months, she noticed water spots all over her paint. Despite washing the car regularly, the paint was dull and took a long time to wash and keep clean. She was disappointed, especially since she had paid $2,850 for the coating. When she approached the dealer, they admitted fault and offered to re-coat the vehicle for free, but Ashley didn’t want to go through the same process again. Ultimately, the product was not up to standards and cost her more in the long run.

Don’t make the same mistake as Ashley. Make sure you choose a professional detailer for your nanoceramic coating which uses high-quality materials and has the expertise to apply the coating correctly. Our nanoceramic coatings are made from top-quality materials, and our certified and experienced technicians ensure that your coating will last for years to come. We stand by our warranties, and our customers’ feedback speaks for itself.

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In conclusion, dealers may offer nanoceramic coatings, but these products are inferior in quality, come with questionable warranties, and are likely to break down much sooner than coatings applied by a professional detailer. If you want to protect your vehicle long-term, choose a professional detailer who uses high-quality materials and has the expertise to apply the coating correctly.

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