Maximize Your Car’s Comfort: The Benefits of Ceramic Window Tinting

Are you looking to add a personal touch and enhance the functionality of your car’s windows? Our VTX Pro ceramic tint film may be the solution you need. This advanced window film provides a sleek and custom appearance while blocking heat and UV rays and reducing glare.

However, with many options, selecting the best ceramic tint for your car can be overwhelming. In this article, we’ll simplify the process by sharing five secrets to finding the perfect window tint for your ride.

Experience the Ultimate Protection and Style with Ceramic Window Films

First, it’s essential to understand the difference between privacy glass and privacy tint. Privacy glass is a type of glass that has been darkened at the factory by the car manufacturer. This glass is not tinted with a film and usually does not have high heat rejection properties—most manufacturers’ privacy glass measures only 22% – 28% VLT (Visible Light Transmission).

To ensure the longevity and effectiveness of your ceramic window tint, it’s important to properly maintain it by avoiding abrasive cleaners and using a maintenance glass cleaner specifically formulated for tinted windows.

Get ready to upgrade your car’s windows with our helpful tips.

  1. Select the proper Film; if you are on a budget, spend your money where it should be; those performance mods can always be done later. Don’t fall trap of Dyed films or Carbon films. While their names sound fantastic, they are nothing but the wrong product to go for, composed of nasty metals or carbon particles in their manufacturing. This low-cost film category will offer a dark look without keeping your car cooler, and its durability is questionable. Carbon films get scratched and damaged more easily.
  2. Select the right colour. Ceramic tints come in various shades, with darker colours offering better heat rejection. Choose a dark charcoal or black dye for a luxurious look and superior protection.
  3. Choose a film with nano-ceramic technology as they provide exceptional infrared rejection, UV protection and heat rejection, even in lighter shades.
  4. Refrain from being tempted by cheap or factory dark tint, as they lack the necessary protection and heat resistance of quality ceramic tint.
  5. Please make sure the Film you choose offers a sleek look on the outside and provides a clear view through your window; after all, you want your driving vision to improve, not the other way around.

After deciding on the best ceramic tint and shade for your car, finding a reliable installer is crucial. Take the time to research potential shops, including what type of vehicles they specialise in, the kind of Film and certification they offer and the expertise of their staff. This information will help you choose a reputable installer that you can trust.

“Not all films are made the same, make sure you get the best””

Protect Your Investment: Maintenance Tips for Ceramic Tint

  1. Don’t clean the tinted windows immediately after installation: It’s essential to wait at least a few days before cleaning newly tinted windows. This allows the tint to cure and adhere to the glass surface fully. Cleaning the windows too soon could damage the tint and cause it to peel off.
  2. Don’t use abrasive or ammonia-based cleaners: Harsh chemicals, like ammonia, can damage the tint and cause it to bubble or fade. So save yourself a trip to Super Cheap Auto or Autobarn. Your pocket will thank you and your newly tinted car too. Instead, use a mild soap or a cleaner specifically for window tinting.
  3. Don’t use rough or abrasive materials to clean the tint: Avoid using abrasive sponges or scrubbers to clean the tinted windows. These materials can scratch the tint and damage the Film.
  4. Don’t roll down the windows immediately after cleaning: It’s essential to allow the windows to dry thoroughly before rolling them down. This prevents any moisture or residue from getting trapped between the window and the tint, which can damage the Film. We use a security sticker over your window controllers to remind you and wait for 48hrs before doing so.
  5. Don’t touch the Film after application. Follow your installer’s guide and leave it alone to dry. Don’t do it even if you get tempted to remove that “haze” or “mark” on the window. Remember that window tinting involves water use, and any marks or residues are perfectly normal. Water and moisture will evaporate from the window in 24-48 hours.

Discover Window Tinting Installation at Radikal Wraps

Don’t settle for less when it comes to your window tint. Instead, choose Solar Guard VTX Pro Carbon Color Stable tint and enjoy the many benefits of this superior-grade Film, including exceptional heat rejection, long-lasting colour stability, and maximum UV protection.

You won’t regret it, and your car will thank you for years!

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