DIY Interior Coating: Is it Worth the Risk?

Interior coatings are essential to vehicle maintenance, protecting surfaces from stains, scratches, and UV damage. With so many products available, opting for a DIY solution can be tempting to save time and money. However, not all coatings are created equal, and understanding SiO2 content is crucial when choosing a coating.

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What do Ceramic Coatings offer for a vehicle interior?

Interior coatings are an essential part of vehicle maintenance, protecting surfaces from stains, food and liquid spills, scratches, and UV damage.”

But is a DIY interior coating worth the risk? While DIY coatings can be more affordable than professional-grade products, they also have some significant drawbacks. While many products are available, including DIY options, not all coatings are created equal. Understanding SiO2 content, as is the application process, is crucial when choosing a coating.

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Damage to your Leather and Interior

Applying a coating to your vehicle interior can be time-consuming and complex, requiring specific tools and techniques. In addition, even small mistakes during the application process can lead to inconsistent results, unsightly streaks, or even damage to the surfaces being coated.

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Most of the time, if a coating is applied incorrectly on a vehicle’s interior, there is no way back for them to be removed and reapplied. Unlike the exterior paint, a car’s interior has a combination of fragile materials and is susceptible to damage by even a gentle touch or spill.

Chemistry Composition and Quality

DIY coatings have lower levels of Nanoceramic contents than professional-grade products, which means they may provide a different level of protection or durability. However, in some cases, DIY coatings can even damage surfaces if misapplied or if they contain abrasive particles that can scratch or etch surfaces over time. Furthermore, DIY coatings do not come with a warranty, leaving you with no recourse if the coating fails or causes damage.

Compared to DYI coatings, our Nanoceramic products are thoroughly tested on most leather and suede grades. They also have specific chemistry levels developed to carefully seal the surface treated without affecting its original colour.

Non-DYI Coatings Composition, Enter Sio2

SiO2, or silicon dioxide, is a naturally occurring compound in many minerals and rocks. SiO2 has become a popular ingredient in ceramic coatings in recent years due to its exceptional hardness and durability. Coatings containing high levels of SiO2 are often called “nano-coatings” and provide superior protection against food and liquid spills, environmental damage, UV rays, acid rain, and oxidation.

Compared to other popular coatings like Teflon and graphene, SiO2 coatings offer several advantages. However, Teflon coatings do not provide the same level of protection against UV damage to your interior as SiO2 coatings, which wear out faster due to their chemical composition.

Our coatings contain over 87% Si & SiO2, providing excellent flexibility and resistance. The composition of a Nanoceramic Coating ultimately means that more product is bonded with the surface, so the higher the number, the higher protection and longevity.

Chemical Reaction Synthesis Hard-shell Technology

Our coatings use a unique process that sets them apart from other ceramic coatings on the market. After application, the coating undergoes a series of chemical reactions that bind it to the coated surface. The coating then self-levels and undergoes a final chemical reaction that hardens it from liquid to solid, resulting in a higher gloss, improved surface integrity, increased hydrophobicity, greater durability, and minimal shrinkage. This innovative technology ensures that our coatings provide superior protection and longevity, making them ideal for your vehicle’s interior surfaces.

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Your Pride, Your Joy, Your Investment While DIY interior coatings may seem attractive, they pose significant risks for your wallet and vehicle interior. When choosing a coating, it’s essential to choose a certified and experienced detailer to carry out the job.

It’s no secret that luxury vehicles have a hefty price tag, and you want to keep your investment in top condition. However, attempting a DIY interior coating may do more harm than good, potentially leading to irreversible damage to your vehicle’s interior. Imagine spending thousands of dollars on a luxury car only to ruin it with a cheap and subpar DIY job. Invest in a certified and experienced detailer who can provide high-quality coatings that protect your vehicle for years.

Trust us – you don’t want to be the next viral TikTok or YouTube video showcasing “How I ruined my vehicle’s interior in two simple steps.” Instead, protect your investment by choosing a certified and experienced detailer who can provide the best protection and longevity for your vehicle’s interior surfaces.

Don’t take unnecessary risks – contact us today to ensure your investment is protected for years.

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